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  • Handwriting Recognition Demo 2 by Cloubot

    This time we have a demo that shows a sample of answering questions in a sentence.

    You can answer different ways and our AI Tutor would understand and correct the answer.

    If there is a grammatical mistake then it will tell you.

    We are close to replacing paper exercise books.

  • Cloubot's Phonics with a digital pencil

    The handwriting recognition is used in this phonics ebook.

    We correct and give feedback.

    Adaptive Learning

  • 연산 수학 ( 클라우봇 )

    Recognition Technology and Digital Pen

  • Cloubot Demo - Crazy English

    This is to show what kinds function our AI Talking Tutor can do.

  • Cloubot AI Content -- Awesome Demo

    AI Talking English,,
    Demonstration of The Awesome Program

    6 Levels / 36 sets

    Student Book
    Writing Note( Practice book )

  • AI Talking Tutor revised

    This is the AI Talking Tutor. It is an English teacher who can correct your mistakes and have conversation about your textbook.

  • Cloubot Team Members

    Cloubot has 5 teams in the company.
    1.  AI Research and IT Team
    2.  Contents Development Team
    3.  Design Team
    4.  QA Team
    5.  Business Supporting Team

  • About Cloubot

    Cloubot Inc. mainly focuses on a recognition technology to improve the education methodology.
    1. Voice Recognition for Language Learning
    2. Handwriting recognition to replace paper exercise books.

    Sukho Song has been working in the ELL market for
    more than 23 years of experiences.
    -- Publishing Text
    -- e-Learning
    -- Curriculum Design
    -- Educational Games
    -- AI Technology
    -- Running a language schools
    -- Assessments

  • AI Talking Tutor by Cloubot (Kor)

    인공지능 영어 선생님

    대화, 발음 교정, 문법교정 가능하며 LMS에 모두 기록이 됩니다.

  • AI Talking Tutor by Cloubot (Eng)


    This is Awesome English program in ai teaching platform. It explains the content, corrects your speech, answers your questions, have conversation with you.

  • AI Display Model, ClouBot AI Tutor

    This is for the college basic level students.

    Every situation, you will be in conversation like actors and actresses.

    There are introductions to this conversation and Background knowledge.

    Real-time LMS to see your dialogue...

  • Cloubot AI Tutor

    발음교정, 문법교정, 자연스럽게 대화

    유사 표현 Database...

    리모컨 기능, 실시간 LMS

  • 인공지능 영어교육 발음 문법 교정

    인공지능 영어 선생님,

    이번 시연은 사람들 많은 스타벅스에서 했음.

    스타벅스 와이파이로 하다 끊겼는데 끊겼던 위치에서 다시 시작 함.

    그리고 질문에 말을 안했더니 천천히 다시 물어봄.

  • AI Tutor new things coming

    인공지능 영어 선생님

    영어교육 용 인공지능 선생님과 수업

    How do you get to school?

  • 인공지능 영어 선생님 AI Tutor

    인공지능 기술로 원어민 선생님 없이 영어 회화 학습 할수있게 개발된 솔루션 입니다.

    한국어 설명과 영어 틀린 발음인식까지 잡아내는 기술 + 자연언어 대화 설계 도입~

  • Crazy English AI Tutor

    인공지능 영어 선생님, Crazy English sample ClouBot Inc.

    인공지능 영어교육 솔루션 개발하고있음.

    이 컨텐츠는 성인 컨텐츠 prototype이고 다음은 초등 컨텐츠 런층 예정.

  • Alexa's Speech / Speed Control

    Alexa's speed of speech might be too fast for the ELT students.

    ClouBot researches appropriate contents for ELT students.